Welcome to the opening of Golden Moments - Best of Sessions
7 pm 12 December

Open 13 December - 19 January

Exhibiting artists Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar De Carmen, Amelia Hawk, Anne-Liis Kogan, Kirsty Kross and Kunstkantina (Lena Katrine Sokki and Sisse Holmberg)

Golden Moments – Best of Sessions is a visual summary of the way in which artists engaged in durational participatory projects during Tenthaus Sessions, an experimental workshop program held with participants at Hersleb High School. The “golden moment” is a classroom teaching/learning experience where students latch on to a lesson in such a way that the room explodes with enthusiasm, engagement and real conversations. The golden moment is never truly captured in photography, nor in the product made but in experience for both the student, teacher and artist. Golden Moments points towards a greater understanding of all the extraordinary yet everyday encounters in our lives.

Not every exhibition at Tenthaus brings discussions about teaching and learning to the fore, yet it remains on going: the underlying pulse to Tenthaus workings. However, the vast majority of artists that we invite to the project room are drawn into our activities with Hersleb High School through workshops, discussions and other forms of project participation. Golden Moments – The Best of Sessions is a cross section not a complete representation of the projects that were developed during the Sessions program. The projects in the exhibition space now reflects process as much as result. What is not represented on the walls is as important to consider as the material in the exhibition.

Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar De Carmen, Amelia Hawk, Anne-Liis Kogan, Kunstkantina, Kirsty Kross, and Sille Storihle were asked to work practically and communicate their ideas to the students at Hersleb High over an extended period of time. Our hope was that these meetings would help form and shape the way in which the artists developed the works in this exhibition. On the other hand, we also understood that the program
would develop young people´s understanding of contemporary art through a direct contact with professional artist practice and perspectives.

We are indebted to Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar DeCarmen, Amelia Hawk, Kirsty Kross, Anne-Liis Kogan, Kunstkantina (Lena Katrine Sokki and Sisse Holmberg) and Sille Storihle, for their dedication and effort spent on their commissions for Tenthaus. We would also like to thank the teachers for their enthusiasm, flexibility and understanding of art, and artist practice. Not least, the students and participants at Hersleb High School, who always inspire us with their openness and warm hearted responses to even the most challenging projects and drive us to continue to learn more about making art with them.