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Tenthaus artist collective would like you to come and see the results of a moment of trust between Gothenburg’s visual artists and people learning Swedish at «SFI» language school. Local artists have been asked to personally deliver their works to Galleri Box. There, a language class awaits, each student paired up with an artist to unpack and install the art.

Tenthaus Winter Depot mimics the storage space of a larger museum, the shelving units dominate the space. In a depot, material is received, classified, stored, accounted for, issued, maintained, procured, manufactured, assembled, researched, salvaged and disposed of. This notion suggests both transition and storage, where the given perimeters for exhibiting these smaller scale art works are not ones that optimize the works on show, but present the potential of each piece.


Máret Ánne Sara, Pile o'Sápmi (2017)

Photo: Mathias Vöelzke.
Installation detail Máret Ánne Sara, Pile o’ Sápmi (2017), Neue Neue Galerie, Kassel Dokumenta 14


Tenthaus Oslo holdt innspill under Kulturtanken sin innspillskonferanse "Skolen som kulturarena"
Tenthaus Oslo presenterte pilotprosjektet - P1 – mobilt atelier for kunstnere som et innspill til hvordan skolen kan fungere som en kulturarena. 

Pile o sapmi gif

Máret Ánne Sara, Cecilia Vicuña, A K Dolven, Hans Normann Dahl, Anders Sunna, Uyarakq, Elin Már Øyen Vister, mfl.

Pile o´Sápmi Supreme in Context  Utstilling og filmprogram  
Tenthaus Oslo, Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo
3-17. desember 2017 Åpent tirsdag - søndag 13:00 – 17:00
Åpning 2. desember kl 14:00