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Masking Migratory, Alexander Slotten retouched by Futurefarmers

Masking Migratory

Alexander Slotten + Futurefarmers 

September 10-13, 2018

Tenthaus Oslo

Open house: September 12, 2018   17h-19h (say hello, or lend a hand)

Open days: September 11- 13 12h -19h (Drop by, paint, paste or dance)


Masking Migratory is a series of papier-mâché masks to be carried and worn during a 4-day walk, Further On… to Land, from Losæter in Oslo to Vestre Aschim Gård in Brandbu, Norway.

Drawing from images of migratory species and using minimal materials, the masks will evolve through a process- oriented session within the walls of the artist- runspace, Tenthaus Oslo.  Newspaper, wheatpaste and colored pigments- in combination with a small group of hands and minds within a small white space in Oslo - the ingredients for a new migratory species will emerge. 




is a public action serving to culminate Futurefarmers’ presence in Oslo’s

public art program in Bjørvika. Annually, Futurefarmers produces a public program as a

means to excite the imagination of what a new agrarian ritual might look like. These

rituals have ranged from a Soil Procession, A Sowing Action, Human Scarecrows, Seed

Journey and finally, Further On to Land. This final, “act”  is a four-day walk, from Losæter

 through the city, into the forest and further to the farm of Johan and Kristen Swård in Brandbu. 

This walks draws upon a centuries old tradition of the wandering craftsperson (compagnonnage or journeyman) whereby a

young craftsperson’s traditional, technical education included taking a tour and doing

apprenticeships with masters.


In Further Onto Land, baker, Emmanuel Rang of Åpent Bakeri has appointed himself to such

a journey from Loseter to visit bakers, farmers and bakehouses in Norway.

Emmanuel will share his years of knowledge with the people and places he visits and

distribute the energy of Flatbread Society, Oslo - breathing life into crumbling bakehouses,

lending a hand on farms, serving as a messenger between grain-based communities. He

wanders with purpose and a servant of feeding back to farmers outside of the city.