Moment of Trust

Tenthaus Oslo invites visual artists in the Breda area to a Moment of Trust

Are you a visual artist?

Are you interested in being part of an art project by Tenthaus Artist Collective at Club Solo?

Can you leave your art for a few days?

If you answer yes to these questions, you are invited to send documentation of your work to participate in the artwork Moment of Trust by Tenthaus Oslo at Club Solo. Here Tenthaus will create a situation where you can meet young adults interested in finding out more about your art.

You don´t have to bring a completed work but a work that shows that you are working towards something. It can be a small object, a sketch, a model, a work that is a prototype or just something you never thought you would show but now have the opportunity. Perhaps you are stuck in your process and need a kick start. 3 dimensional works are preferred.


 MG 7848 web

What would Tenthaus like you to do to?

• Find an art work that you would like to talk about during the meeting.

• Submit an image (2MB) of the work and information about size, title, insurance value, your name and short description of the work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. latest 3.10 2018.

• It's important that the text about the work is short (max 100 words) and easy to understand for students without an art background. The text should be in Dutch or English.

• Only one work per artist.


• There is no transport budget for delivery and return of works so please keep this in mind when choosing the work.

• No selection criteria. The first 30-50 works will be accepted.

• Personal delivery. The selected works must be delivered personally by the artist to Club Solo, at the 30th of October. The exact time will be confirmed later.

• Mandate to install. The artist will give her artwork to a young adult student from a local Breda school who will be responsible for installing in the space.

• Works should be left at Club Solo from the day you deliver the art until Sunday the 4th of November 2018 when you are invited to a party and to pick up your piece.

• Club Solo cannot store works after the finished event without prior agreement. You must confirm that you are able to collect your work.

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HOTEL SOLO 4 - Tenthaus Artist Collective residency at Club Solo in Breda, Netherlands
Within project Hotel Solo, Club Solo invites a foreign artists’ initiative to present their own program. For the fourth edition of Hotel Solo Club Solo will work with Tenthaus Oslo from Norway. Tenthaus Oslo is run by artists from Oslo and is characterized by strong social engaged principles and goals.