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Moment of Trust 

30.10 - 4.11 2018
CLUB SOLO, kloosterlaan 138, Bred, Holland


Participating artists:
Etmée Boeve, Marieke Bolhuis, Jacomijn den Engelsen, Zefania Stokkermans, Thomas Ritzen, Defne
Tesal, Lise Sore, Yda Sinay, Maurice Spapens, Maksims Kačanovs, Jane Domaliç, Rob Smulders,
Janneke Verhoeven, Peter Bouwmans, Marina van Breda, Nathalie Vanheule, Lucia Koevoets, Claudette
van de Rakt, Corine Aalvanger, Koes Staassen, Suriya Siero, Jordy Koevoets, Maurice Nuiten, Anika
Hochstenbach, Ton Cox, Myriam Gras, Daniël van der Giessen, Etienne Reijnders, Stijn Peeters, Bobbi
Cleij, Céline Liebi, Judy Taylor, Bas Ketelaars, Doris Kolpa, Gert-Jan van den Bemd, Bart Kemps, Wiesje

Participating students from Kellebeek college:
Mohamed Abdi Hussein, Merhawi Gebrezgabher, Merhawi Maheri, Mustafa Haj Rasheed, Abdulkarim
Ibrahim, Ahmad Nasri, Berhe Tsegay, Manal Mehanesh, Abdul Alsoudan, Kisanet Kesete Mebrahtu, Khalil
Alaloush, Haroon Qadiri, Hekwat Radwan, Abdul Zakarea, Hiba Haj Ahmad, Abdullatif Almohamad,
Abdullah Alabboud, Uday Zakarea, Abdullah Elham, Renaz Ismael, Alaa al Ghneem, Jabarti Abdarahman,
Firdaous Bourhardaine, Yonas Girmatsion Alemayo, Senait Haileselassie Weldegaber, Almaz Melak
Weldeab, Roland Ndie, Majdi Bayazid, Mustafe Hussein Haji-amin, Mustafa Simo Khalaf Ibrahim, Saba
Tsegezab, Mido Alasadi, Habtom Weldeslasie Weldegaber

Tenthaus is invited by Club Solo, Breda, Holland for the residency and exchange concept Hotel Solo.
In this residency Tenthaus Artist Collective are asking the art world to engage in a moment of trust during their event with the same name. A private meeting between invited participants from a local college and local artists aims at naming processes involved in curating and exhibition making.

Moment of Trust is a series of events where professional artists meet young adults invited through local schools. During these meetings the artists will hand over an art work to the students who will then be responsible for the placing and installing the work within the project rooms. The artists are invited to leave their works in the exhibition space for three days and will later return to collect the work. This collecting of art work will also be the occasion for an informal meeting between artists and students with a small public reception for those interested in learning more about the project.

By asking the artists to hand over their work to people unfamiliar with the art world, Tenthaus Artist Collective is asking for a moment of trust between the main participant of the art world – the artist and the non-experienced student. At all levels of this project trust is central to understanding how the art world, and the world in general works. Our social and economical frameworks are essentially based on trusting each other. Tenthaus Artist Collective believes that in these polarizing times it is necessary bring attention to the way in which trust and skepticism work in our everyday environments.