"The aim of this article is to contribute more knowledge about how arts educational practice in the school context can be understood and developed. The cooperation between Tentahaus Oslo (TO), an initiative driven by artists, and the basic education section for minority students at an upper secondary school is brought forward as an alternative to more traditional forms of encounters with art and art communication in basic education and in the voluntary music and performing arts school."





About The Author

Gry Olsen Ulrichsen

Olsen Ulrichsen is a visual artist and a researcher. She trained at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, as well as trai- ning in practical pedagogy, and has a Masters in Art Didactics from PLU, NTNU. Her activities as an artist are primarily participative and relational oriented. She currently works in cross-curricular R & D projects where aesthetic processes are explored as an important part of learning within health, pedagogy and the teaching of history linked to the Norwegian Resource Centre for Arts and Health, Seanse (Volda University College) and the Falstad Centre respectively.