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Tenthaus Winter Depot
Galleri Box

Opening 19th of January 2018.

The exhibition is open 19.1 – 11.2 2018 

About the project
We need artists, the experts of the art world, to take part in an art work where we envisage as a moment of trust between the artist and a person with arbitrary knowledge of contemporary art


What would we like you to do?

Find an art work lying around in your studio that will fit into Tenthaus Winter Depot at Box. We are not looking for the perfect work but a work that shows that you are working towards something. It can be a small object, a sketch, a model, a work that is a prototype or just something you never thought you would show but now have the opportunity. 

We would like you to come personally to Box, at a pre-arranged time Thursday 18.th of January 2018, with an artwork that you will hand over to a language student who will place your work in a shelving system. The shelves have uniform spaces of 77 x 40.5 x 35 cm.

During the process of installing the art works there will be possibilities to explore new understandings of the installation process itself and a way in which art is understood. We hope to encourage dialogues about what your art is and how it is shown, in collaboration with the other participants.

The works on show in Tenthaus Winter Depot will be part of a whole physical structure filling Galleri Box. Mimicking the storage space of a larger museum, the shelving unit will dominate the space. A depot is a place in which supplies are stored for distribution. In a depot, material is received, classified, stored, accounted for, issued, maintained, procured, manufactured, assembled, researched, salvaged and disposed of. The notion of the depot suggests a state of both transition and storage, where the given perimeters offered for exhibiting smaller scale art works are not ones that optimize the works on show, but rather present the potential of each piece.  

We will document the process so that it will be available on the evening of 19th January 2018 at Gallery Box.

Tenthaus Oslo is a project space initiated by Oslo based artists Helen Eriksen, Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder. Tenthaus Oslo's profile is characterized by an open, process-oriented form of participation from an internationally orientated group of artists. The context of contemporary art practice is re-examined through a broader field of activity with exhibitions, workshops, artist's talks and live performances.

If you would like to be part of this project or even if you have some questions please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 6 January 2017. Please send us a pdf of the work you would like us to show, size, title, insurance value and of course your name.

* Winter Depot is an exhibition developed around a framework of shelving units, originally an art work by Stefan Schröder entitled Archive. My thoughts, your actions (2013) that was installed at the Vigeland´s Museum for the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial. These shelving units will now be installed at the artist run space BOX, transforming the entire gallery into an storage space for art.