Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen. Artwork in the photo: Kart over Island #2 (2017) by Maiken Stene

 Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen. Artwork in the photo: Kart over Island #2 (2017) by Maiken Stene

13.October 16:30 

Kunstneres Hus, Wergelandsveien 17

Welcome to artist talk at the The National Annual Autumn exhibition with Tenthaus Oslo, moderated by Nicholas John Jones from Praksis Oslo.

Tenthaus Oslo will talk about the work shown at the National Annual Autumn Exhibition and their artist practice. They will discuss how "socially engaged art practices" work in relation to the idea of ​​artistic autonomy and the artist's signature. We will also discuss TOOLKIT - Artists in School, launched in November 2016 as a platform for dialogue about the place of visual arts in Norwegian schools.
The talk will be held in English.
To see the artist talk click here


Tenthaus Oslo are honoured to have been nominated for the Visible Award as well as being picked to there longlist. Thanks to Anne Szefer Karlsen for the nomination and not forgetting to thank our participants at Hersleb High School and their great teachers - Halvor, Trine, and Petter.



11 September 19.00-00.00

with Amelia Beavis-Harrison

at Tenthaus Oslo

The Live Election Swing is a social and performative event, bringing together all your election nerves under one roof. Follow the election results as they come in live and see just how far that swing is going to be. A parallel commentary to the election results will forecast the future of the country.

Join us for fun and flavour with special election themed drinks!

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School Dinners
June 9 4.30 pm
Bakehouse, Losæter, 0194 Oslo

School Dinners – a Kunstkantina + Tenthaus project

As a part of the project School Dinners, Tenthaus Oslo’s regular participants from Hersleb High School will prepare a meal together with Kunstkantina, a collaborative art project.

School Dinners takes as its starting point the seed, and its potential for transformation. It will allow it to work as both metaphor and active ingredient in an educational context and process that encourages individual students to grow as they participate in this hands-on project. Led by Kunstkantina, the group will create a meal using home-grown ingredients, thereby bringing the Tenthaus philosophy of `learning by doing` into transformative action.