During the last fifteen years, Torgeir Husevaag has consistently worked on detailed pen drawings, mapping and surveying projects in which networks and conventional geographical maps are used as a basis to track movements and events. In many ways they refer to the map as well as the nature and history of cartography.

He also works with related expressions: rule-based drawings, infographics, games, language studies, labyrinthine narratives. Husevaag's artist practice is first and foremost driven by curiosity; genuine attempt to "figure things out", often through the dedicated examination processes based on relatively irrational or contradictory issues. 
In recent years Husevaag has made several artist's books, in which he draws on the interaction between text, image and the narrative. His most recent works explore manmade lakes, both visually and thematically.

Its theme, the manipulation of water, flows through the exhibition suggesting humanity´s  manipulation of water, an artist's manipulation of water droplets and water´s own self manipulation.   FLORESTA SUBMERSA consists of two series of drawings and a video, all of which are characterized by an analytical gaze that attempts to penetrate Balbina, that place, that scene, reflected in the mirror of this work.