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School Dinners – a Kunstkantina + Tenthaus project

As a part of the project School Dinners, Tenthaus Oslo’s regular participants from Hersleb High School will prepare a meal together with Kunstkantina, a collaborative art project.

School Dinners takes as its starting point the seed, and its potential for transformation. It will allow it to work as both metaphor and active ingredient in an educational context and process that encourages individual students to grow as they participate in this hands-on project. Led by Kunstkantina, the group will create a meal using home-grown ingredients, thereby bringing the Tenthaus philosophy of `learning by doing` into transformative action.

This spring Kunstkantina and the students from Hersleb planted seeds in Tenthaus Oslo’s project room. These seeds have now sprouted, and they will be transplanted to a garden in Losæter to grow during the summer months. During the autumn the participants will harvest the crop and prepare pickled vegetables for a meal that will be open to invited guests.

School Dinners is a collaboration between Tenthaus Oslo and Kunstkantina. The project is part of Bread Kneads Hands, inititated by Flatbread Society and aiming to breathe new life into the bakehouse at Losæter.


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