Tenthaus Sessions presents


26.5 - 19.6 2016

Preview 26 May at 7 – 9 pm
There will be a guided tour in the exhibition on Saturday the 11th at 2 pm and Thursday 16.6 at 6.15 pm.
Address Maridalsveien 3 – main gate entrance
Open Friday – Sunday 1 – 5 pm

Tenthaus Sessions shows works by Unni Gjertsen and performative texts by TekstLab Young Voices. Gjertsen addresses the staging of the body in relation to architecture. The project has evolved over several years and is shown together with a video work entitled Lessons (14 min), in which the artist interviews six young people employed as guides during one of her exhibitions.


Hilde Honerud


7.4 - 30.4 2016

Preview and book launch
7 April at 7 – 10 pm
Address Maridalsveien 3 – main gate entrance
Open Friday – Sunday 1 – 5 pm

Migration to Norway is on the cusp of change. On this occasion the discussion is not about refugees, but a migrating highly qualified labor force that is making its presence felt in occupations where language requirements and expertise are key factors. Until recently, Norway was considered a career backwater. However, the difference seen in wages and unemployment has changed this. Earlier migrants challenged the workplace of the typical labourer. This new migration of workers is challenging the elites.

Hilde Honerud and sociologist Jon Hovland have visited several Norwegian language schools in Europe. They have followed the students, recording their preparation, hopes and dreams, expectations, and the meaning of their migration, as they prepare for their departure.

Exercises in Norwegian attempts to allow individual objects and portraits to express an interpreted experience of places and meetings with the individual participants.


Sabina Jacobsson l Kristin Nordhøy l Tammo Rist


25.2 to 13.3 2016

Opening Thursday 25 February
19.00 to 22.00
Address Maridalsveien 3.
Main entrance
Open Fri - Sun 1pm to 5 pm

What is the world showing us ?

Tenthaus Oslo invites you to Living in Colour where the overaching theme of painting is explored by three artists. They have have made new works based in which the common denominator is opical illusion and colour´s relationship to the real. Rather than offer us a representation of the world, they draw us into the very essence of light with their almost phenomenological approach, leaving us to consider an interpretation of the world of our own visual experience.

In Living in Colour, the artists investigate our relationship to our surroundings, through their understanding of the concrete world surrounding us, as well a human behaviour.

Looping the Existing

Looping the Existing er et utendørs kunstprosjekt på Hersleb Videregående skole av Anni Onsager i samarbeid med Tenthaus Oslo.

Sammen med ca 300 elever skal det skapes en skulptur mellom den 1. – 3.6 2015, ute i skolegården på Hersleb skole. Ved at deltagerne strikker med metalltråd på hverandres masker vil vi sammen skape Røde kors nye symbol – den røde krystall. En symbol som skal kunne brukes over hele verden uten noen form for religiøs tilknytning. Norge var det første landet som anerkjente symbolet i 2005, men det er fremdeles lite kjent og brukes av svært få land. I øvelser og samtalene over arbeidet vil vi lede samtalen rundt temaene mobbing og miljøvern. 
Prosjektets inspirasjon og hovedmål er å beskytte tanker, individ og kloden gjennom samhandling og deltagelse.

Flatbread society

31.05 2013
Flatbread exchange with Sofienberg school and Tenthaus Oslo with Flatbread Society at Loallmenningen, Bjørvika. 
Students from Sofienberg school in conjunction with Tenthaus Oslo made flatbreads and shared recipes from Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Morocco and Afghanistan.

Spring Depot



Opening reception Friday 17th April 7 - 9 pm
17.4 - 16.5 2015

Open Thursday - Sunday 12 - 4 pm
Situated at Maridalsveien 3, Oslo
Curated by Rachel Dagnall

As far as my meagre art collection goes. I have a couple of drawings from David Shrigley and one from the group of Norwegian artists calling themselves the Drawing Club. There are some limited edition prints which are framed and a video which I bought after falling in love with it, but didn’t know what to do with and a couple of paintings that I really do not want. Then there are the books. Old and new, 20th Century Art theory, exhibition catalogues, art papers, dissertations everything around the production and processes of the contemporary art that I have encountered in my now middle aged life. Research, validation and evaluation. The cornerstones of contemporary art practice and curating. A personal library taking up the space of a small cellar.

The exhibition Spring Depot aims to empty the shelves so to speak and go back to the the root - the artworks and presents a selection of 30 Oslo based artists who are working within the sculptural sphere of installation art.

The nature of the beast, the shelving format could have determined the size of the installations. The limits of these constraints have (of course) been defied by Hanne Friis, Janne Kruse, Andreas Siqueland, Linn Ulvin and Kjell Varvin. Paintings made into objects by Ane Graff and Ingrid Lønningdal.

The Wunderkammer experience is accentuated with Greg Pope’s custom Peep Show, a Hologram by Ignas Krunglevicius, a desert island disco by Aksel Høgenhaug, a mirror piece by Runa Sandnes and Vanessa Bairds nodding duck. The humour continues in new works by Johan Urban Bergqvist, Sara Christensen, Anna Daniell, Terje Nicolaisen and where Jon Gundersen’s bronze cast of an alligator stands in contrast to Cassius Fadlabi’s painted plastic aeroplane. Other treasures include a piece of Steinar Haga Kristensen’s soon to be covered up fresco painting The Loneliness of the Index Finger (Part II) at Oslo Rådhus and a selection from Maria Sundby’s The Rest in Pieces.