too much balls10Opening reception Friday 9th October 7 - 9 pm

10.8 - 25.10 2015

Open Friday / Saturday / Sunday 1 - 5 pm

Per Jonas Lindström´s exhibition Too Much Balls is based on a series of over twenty new paintings in various formats that are installed along with three sculptures. The common denominator for the installations are two of Lindströms own artists books.

Artist Books are central to Lindström's art practice. Simply put, they are made with the extreme intensity of the crazed. They are bursting with whatever occurs the the artist - often scraps of drawings or children's books, processed with color and crayon. They become complex collages that fill the books from the first to last page. The artist has taken two books and translated their contents on to canvas - unabridged, fearless, relentless.

Architectural models are the second reference in the installations. They are devotedly made with the same high intensity, relating freely to space, time and texture.

Tenthaus Oslo is exhibiting these new objects as if they have outgrown their original scale and transformed into something other, perhaps collection points or meeting places for the mind's tireless journey through the universe.

Tenthaus Oslo is proud to present Per Jonas Lindström´s complex multidimensional universe in Oslo for the first time in many years.

Per Jonas Lindström (1955) is a visual artist, resident in Oslo and Tistedal. During his long artistic career, he has distinguished himself through exhibitions and art projects in Norway, as well as abroad. For over 25 years he made both unique artist books, as well as limited editions. He has given workshops and taught at preschools, colleges and for programs with his veritable book factory. It is and understatement to say that PJL has educated and inspired many artists in the art of creating artist books.

oslosgeology10Opening reception Thursday 20th November 7 - 9 pm
20.11 - 7.12 2014

Open Saturday / Sunday 12 - 4 pm or by appointment.

Performance Geological changes 20.11 at 7.30 pm.

Oslo’s Geology and Landforms with Anna Carin Hedberg and Ebba Moi is the third in a series of three exhibitions in which the initiators of Tenthaus Oslo collaborate with colleagues creating new works for the Tenthaus Oslo project space.

Oslo’s Geology and Landforms is a participatory artwork. From a geological perspective the artists, together with students from Hersleb High School, examine their local environment. Based on rocks, minerals, crystals and volcanic material in the Geological Museum as well as clay imprints from the backyard of Tenthaus, an archive of experiences is created.

“Hedberg and Moi instruct us to the bedrock surrounding in Oslo streets and walls. Dirty rags and casts of surfaces capture the damp breath of the city revealing difference within apparent similarities, hinting at the future of a living city.” (excerpt from text by Helen Eriksen)

Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfonds Prosjektstøtte supports the exhibition.

Anna Carin Hedberg and Ebba Moi have collaborated in several art projects. Their works explore the cultural changes in society through looking at structures to examine the processes of change. They are presently showing a film and sound work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, in the "I am your phone"program.


Opening reception Thursday 21th August 7 - 9 pm
21.8 - 7.9 2014
Open Friday / Saturday / Sunday 12 - 4 pm
Helen Eriksen and Germain Ngoma have collaborated on a site-specific installation in three exhibition rooms at Tenthaus Oslo. Workshops and dialogs with participants at Sofienberg school have taken place over a three month period and have been instrumental in the development of the exhibition.
Their work is based on the students´ own photographic analysis of the theme of transit during workshops at Sofienberg school. The development of the project has been focused on the concept of transit situation - movement between one place and another – where are we now and how did we get there?

Eriksen and Ngoma view the school as a place of transition where students are being prepared for life beyond the school gates. The participants are moving into the final stages of their formal education and are focused on their own after-life.



19.9 - 12.10 2014
Åpning fredag 19. september kl 19.00 - 21.00
Adresse Maridalsveien 3. Inngang fra gården.
Åpent lør og søn 12.00 - 16.00 eller etter avtale.

Poem written by Ylva Wærenskjold commissioned by the artists.

Workplaces with Stefan Schröder and Ingrid Lønningdal is the second in a series of three exhibitions in which the initiators of Tenthaus Oslo collaborate with colleagues creating new works for the Tenthaus Oslo project space.
Ingrid Lønningdal (f. 1981) lives and works in Oslo, and finished her master at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2008. Previous solo shows have been at North Norwegian Art Center (2013), Kunstnerforbundet (2011), Sogn and Fjordane Museum of Fine Art (2011) and Tegnerforbundet (2010). She is currently part of the exhibition Solo at Rogaland Art Center together with the artist group Institute for Colour.

Stefan Schröder (f. 1966) lives and works in Dresden and Oslo, and has a master from Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden and Academie Beeldende Kunst in Breda. Recent solo shows have been held at Galerie HZDR, Dresden (2010), Kurt-Kurt, Berlin (2008), ROM, kunst og arkitektur (2006) and Tegnerforbundet (2006).


no show museum6


The NO SHOW MUSEUM is the world’s first museum dedicated to ‘nothing’ and its various manifestations throughout the history of art. The museum is a mobile presentation space in a converted postbus. It hosts a unique exhibition with 24 invisible art works of pure conceptual art. From August till October 2015, the NO SHOW MUSEUM is on tour in Europe before finally arriving in Italy, as an official participant of the 56th Venice Art Biennale.

In Oslo, the NO SHOW MUSEUM will be hosted by Tenthaus and presents nothing by Joseph Beuys, Gordon Matta-Clark, Agnieszka Kurant, Santiago Sierra, Robert Rauschenberg and Ben Vautier.

The event starts at 6 pm on the 20th of august. Tenthaus invites you to an evening dedicated to Nothing.
Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa, freelance actor based in Oslo, will interpret Nothing in a performance based on King Lear.
Andreas Heusser, Curator of NO SHOW MUSEUM will hold a presentation about the art of nothing.
Maja Holst Svendsen, Practical philosopher, will be available for appointments through the evening. You are invited to have a private encounters with her about the subject of nothing (by appointment).

the isle

Workshop in Bjørvika, Oslo June 2013. Collaboration with Sofienberg school.

The workshop was a part of the public art project the Isle by Pfelder.