different rivers

Klassen 3GB ved Sofienberg vgs og kunstnerne ved Tenthaus har laget et kunstverk som henger i oppgangene i C bygget på Sofienberg skole. Elevene har tatt utgangspunkt i Akerselva, Norge og elvene Eufrat og Tigris, Irak. Arbeidet består av to relieffer som beskriver disse geografiske områder. Different Rivers har foregått siden januar 2012 og skal avdukes 12 juni 2012.

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Tenthaus shows the video Own words

Welcome to the opening of Tenthaus Oslo new art space in Oslo on December 7th 2012 at 7pm. Bar 7 – 9 pm

Own Words - a video work by Helen Eriksen, Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder with text by Ane Hjort Guttu.
We see a young woman sitting in a classroom reading aloud from a manuscript. She reads about her everyday life at school and her relationship to art and music. She steps out of role when she introduces a song that she describes at special. The song is about the life of a child in a country at war.

Own Words is Eriksen, Moi and Schröder's second collaboration to focus on the function of art to schoolchildren through commissioned texts. The first video I want to tell you of great things ... by Anne Bamford, UNESCO researcher was shown in the Skulpturarena Øst project space in Oslo earlier this year.


Mariken Kramer - Patterns of Inclusion


01.03 - 17.03 2013
Opening 01.03 7 pm
NB! New address, entrance at the corner of Maridalsveien 3.

In the autumn of 2012 Tenthaus Oslo invited Mariken Kramer to complete her Patterns of Inclusion project with the students at Sofienberg school. A series of workshops led by Kramer resulted in a film adaptation of a Norwegian children's ring game.
This game can be seen as a reflection of the individual as a social being, constantly striving to be part of the game, as part of the community. Patterns of Inclusion, a video installation consisting of two films, visualises an idea of community that is often defined by the concept of exclusion. It suggests the complexity of community feeling, with its promise of security, belonging and love, whilst accommodating exclusion and even abuse.

Mariken Kramer graduated from the Art Academy in Trondheim. Since 2001 she has participated in numerous exhibitions and international film festivals. Her work predominately focuses on the psychological and sociological aspects of the human encounter, as well as the vulnerability of the individual in a community. Mariken Kramer lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Patternes of Inclusion - film av Mariken Kramer invitert av Tenthaus
Deltagere: ca 20 personer fra 2 skoleklasser på Sofienberg skole
Location: Sofienberg skolegård nov. 2012

462 torpninatapethoey1Opening Friday 12th April 2013, 19.00
Book launch Saturday 27th April 2013

In year 79, a cloud of smoke was said to have stretched 32 km into the air, and the explosion of Mount Vesuvius in Italy "sealed" the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under a layer of ash. The excavations of these cities during the 18th century led the focus to Antiquity and carried it forward beyond the Neoclassical.

The impressions after the excavations and the subsequent Neoclassical surge have become a cultural phenomenon, as well as part of our collective memory - even here in Norway. Nina Torp´s exploration of this areas has resulted in this exhibition that points to layers of parallel eras. These impressions are not from an event or an older historical time but from the contemporary and easily recognisable past.

"You can collect as many pictures as you want. There’s an endless amount of material. Figuratively, what was once molten rock gushing out of a volcano has turned into a floating amount of impressions and images: numerous reproductions of pillars, temples, flora shapes amphitheater. We can look at it of memories of the long-gone. But these memories are not something original. This is how we can read these reproductions / memories that copies of copies of copies. "

Tenthaus invited Nina Torp into its ongoing project with Sofienberg school due to her interesting focus on Western cultural heritage.

Nina Torp is an artist, living in Oslo / Berlin, with art education from the Royal College of Art, London, KIAD, Maidstone and the École des Beaux-Arts, Toulouse.
She has exhibited at several galleries in Norway and abroad.


For we are where we are not, part 1
Åpning fredag 12. april 2013 kl 19.00
Boklansering lørdag 27. april 2013



Filmen Patterns of Inclusion av Mariken Kramer var også utgangspunkt for workshops med elevene ved Sofienberg skole som deltar, kunstneren og representaner fra Tenthaus. Gjennom enkle diskusjoner/samtaler, øvelser og oppgaver prøvde vi å nærme oss vanskelige begreper som fellesskap, tilhørighet, utelukkelse, vennskap, lojalitet, frykt osv. Dette er grunnlegende spørsmål omkring det å være menneske og handler også om våre ønsker om å være del av noe større enn oss slev, det være seg en vennegjeng, familien, et idrettslag, et religiøst fellesskap eller storsamfunnet.



Opening 29.6. Bar.
7 pm
Tenthaus Oslo has the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition PACKED!! The occasion is the
refurbishment and the demolition of the building. All the artists exhibiting have their studios at the old
Institute of Technology in Akersveien 26, Oslo. Their contracts have been terminated, and now they have packed up and emptied their studios. Tenthaus legendary studio are exhibiting a farewell selection of a studio community, which has grown quickly over the last twelve months. This is the last Tenthaus exhibition at this adress before moving. The exhibition is open June 30 - July 3 at 12 - 16.

Åpning onsdag 29.6 2011 kl.19 med bar.
Tenthaus Oslo har gleden av å invitere til utstillingen PACKED!! Anledningen er oppsigelse og riving av
huset. Kunstnerne som stiller ut, har atelier ved Gamle Teknologisk Institutt i Akersveien 26, Oslo. De er også oppsagt, og har tømt atelierene sine, for å pakke det inn i Tenthaus sine legendarisk fine lokaler. Vi ønsker med utstillingen å lage en avskjedsmarkering for atelierfellesskapet, som har etablert seg over kort tid. Dette er Tenthaus siste utstilling ved Telthusbakken i Oslo, før vi flytter til nye lokaler.
Utstillingen er åpen 30.juni - 3.juli kl. 12 - 16.
Tine Aamodt, Siri Austeen, Marie Buskow, Barbara Czapran, Jonas Daatland, Leander Djønne, Helen
Eriksen, Kristine Fornes, Katrine Giæver, Gisle Harr, Anna Carin Hedberg, Marianne Hurum, Reidar
Kraugerud, Ebba Moi, Are Mokkelbost, Stefan Schröder, Kjetil Skøien, Daniel Teigen, Anne Vistven