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Welcome to Tenthaus Oslo´s next exhibition opening at 7 pm on Thursday November 24th 2016. Vevatne will show a site-specific installation and sculptures and Strømsted &Hurst will have the Norwegian premiere of their film entitled Beaten. The exhibition run until the 18th of December.


November 24th - December 18th 2016
Opening hours: Fri - Sun, 1pm - 5pm
Address Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo
Exhibition preview: Thursday November 24th, 7 pm - 9 pm

Vevatne´s installation inside the Tenthaus door, once the entrance into a known room, is now the threshold to our own surprise and discomfort. Space and time become questionable dimensions. Our sense of the familiar becomes disjointed by its insistence on presenting anew our physical bodies to ourselves.

How close can we move within the confines that define the context of our newly discovered space? How quickly will we syphon ourselves through it into a more conventional room? Vevatne´s immediate installation is built on the knowledge that we will have to slow down, breath in and contemplate our next steps. In here, our need for the familiar and preferred passage is questioned by her purposeful manoeuvring of us out of our preordained and self-induced paths. We become alert, the seekers.

The passage shifts us through into the broken eternities of our own making. If we allow the passage to end the challenge of the idea of eternity what universal values are we left with? Can we continue without this concept?

Hurst and Strømsted use the inner space of Tenthaus for the Norwegian premiere of Beaten. This visceral short film from 2015, transforms raw emotions to the format of art cinema. They present us with a paradoxically sentimental and violent presentation of the world as encountered by the other. A fully grown tomboy tries to force her way out of a nightmare with two brutal opponents. Taking a stance, she refuses to negotiate her position, irretractable forward facing; her body is the battleground. Alone, unfrightened and relentless in her insistence of self, she painfully claims back the definition of herself.

True Solvang Vevatne (1978) is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo. She lives and works in Oslo. She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad. Her solo exhibitions include the Pink Cube Gallery Oslo, One Night Only at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and Gallery Boa.

Vevatne´s practice is in three dimensional art in which materials and techniques are specifically chosen for the individual works. Her interest lies constraints and opportunities offered by the materials themselves. Her works are often based on stories and archival material. Her practice is founded on her need to understand society and its structures. The works are social investigations in which she examines how individuals and society works in a given situation.

Anja Høvik Strømsted studied at NYU's MFA film program and Creative Writing at Gothenburg University. She made her debut as a writer in 2012 with the poetry book Darth Vader-eskalasjonen. She has released four short films, Sux Apartment (2014), Beaten (2015), Aurora (2016) and Love is Now is Always (2016). Her films have been shown in India, Norway, Germany, USA, Italy and England. Accolades - Sux Apartment (2014), Best Experimental Short Film Award at the Berlin Independent Film Festival

Jasmin Hurst took her MFA in visual arts at Trondheim Art Academy and her Diploma from Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences and at Hiroshima Art Academy. She has exhibited in Germany, Japan, Egypt, Norway, India, USA, England and Italy. She has also produced four short films, Sux Apartment (2014), Beaten (2015), Aurora (2016) and Love is Now is Always (2016).
Accolades - Nominated for the Best Production Design Award for Sux Apartment (2014) at the Maverick Movie Awards

Tenthaus is supported by Norsk Kulturfond


beaten still photo 02Still fra Beaten (2015). Anja Høvik Strømsted/Jasmin Hurst.

beaten still photo 01Still fra Beaten (2015). Anja Høvik Strømsted/Jasmin Hurst.

True Solvang Vevatne: Relativt absolutt. (2016) Eik. True Solvang Vevatne knute.(2016) Tre. Anja Høvik Strømsted/Jasmin Hurst: Still fra Beaten (2015).

True Solvang Vevatne, OmVei. (2016). Finerplater, maling, lysarmatur.


True Solvang Vevatne, Relativt absolutt. (2016). Eik. 


 True Solvang Vevatne, True Solvang Vevatne knute(2016). Tre


True Solvang Vevatne, Problemknuser. (2016). Marmor

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October 14th - November 6th
Opening hours: Fri - Sun, 1pm - 5pm
Address Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo

Exhibition preview: Friday October 14th, 5 pm - 8 pm

Soup at the opening by The Northern Company

Freshwater biologists count underwater insects and use this data as an indicator of the water´s health. If one identifies the sound of specific underwater insects, that have the capability to survive various forms of pollution, one can possibly, through focused listening, reach an understanding of the health of the river. In this work. Winderen has listened to and been focused on fish and plankton in the Aker River and inner Oslo Fjord and the fish migrations both up and down river. She creates a sound installation with local sound situation in context with other areas of the earth, from seas and rivers where fish and mammals migrate.

Winderen´s installation consists of underwater recordings from the Aker River and inner Oslo Fjord and set in a context with underwater footage from the Caribbean Ocean, the North Atlantic, the Barents Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Her work aims to divulge that local conditions affects and is affected by the global eco-climate. By looking into a microscope and through focused listening, she has discovered relationships and arrived at understandings that would otherwise have been missed. In freshwater, the listener can hear underwater insects use of “stridulation” that suggests the state of health of any river or lake.

During Oslo Art Weekend, October 15th - 16th, Tenthaus Oslo will have extended opening hours from 11am - 18pm.
The exhibition is supported by the Arts Council Norway.

Jana Winderen is an artist educated in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London, and with a background in mathematics, chemistry and fish ecology from the University in Oslo. Winderen researches the hidden depths with the latest technology; her work reveals the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath. The audio topography of the oceans and the depth of ice crevasses are brought to the surface. She is concerned with finding and revealing sounds from hidden sources, both inaudible for the human senses and sounds from places and creatures difficult to access.
Recent works include “Surface Interruption” (2016) for the Meštrovićev pavilion in Zagreb, “Pasvikdalen” (2015) for the Sonic Acts Festival / Dark Ecology in Amsterdam, “Dive” (2014), a 64 channel audio installation in Park Avenue Tunnel, commissioned by New York Department of Transportation, "Ultrafield" (2013) commissioned by MoMA, Museum og Modern Art in New York, “ultraworld” (2012) commissioned by Sound and Music for BEOPEN at Trafalgar Square, London, “Between Dry Land” (2011) for Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary in Istanbul. Recent releases include the “The Wanderer” on Ash International (UK), “Out of Range” (2014), “Debris” (2012) and “Energy Field” (2010) on Touch (UK).
From 2011 – 2014 she was resident artist at Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Academy on the vessel Dardanella with her ongoing project “Silencing of the reefs”. In May 2016 she recorded in the marginal ice zone in the Barents sea during the spring bloom, and in 2015 under the sea ice by the North Pole for her ongoing project «Iskanten». She is currently working on commissions for installations and concerts internationally. Winderen releases her work on Touch (UK). In 2011 she won the Golden Nica, for Digital Musics & Sound Art, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. More info at

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Tenthaus Sessions presents


26.5 - 19.6 2016

Preview 26 May at 7 – 9 pm
There will be a guided tour in the exhibition on Saturday the 11th at 2 pm and Thursday 16.6 at 6.15 pm.
Address Maridalsveien 3 – main gate entrance
Open Friday – Sunday 1 – 5 pm

Tenthaus Sessions shows works by Unni Gjertsen and performative texts by TekstLab Young Voices. Gjertsen addresses the staging of the body in relation to architecture. The project has evolved over several years and is shown together with a video work entitled Lessons (14 min), in which the artist interviews six young people employed as guides during one of her exhibitions.


Hilde Honerud


7.4 - 30.4 2016

Preview and book launch
7 April at 7 – 10 pm
Address Maridalsveien 3 – main gate entrance
Open Friday – Sunday 1 – 5 pm

Migration to Norway is on the cusp of change. On this occasion the discussion is not about refugees, but a migrating highly qualified labor force that is making its presence felt in occupations where language requirements and expertise are key factors. Until recently, Norway was considered a career backwater. However, the difference seen in wages and unemployment has changed this. Earlier migrants challenged the workplace of the typical labourer. This new migration of workers is challenging the elites.

Hilde Honerud and sociologist Jon Hovland have visited several Norwegian language schools in Europe. They have followed the students, recording their preparation, hopes and dreams, expectations, and the meaning of their migration, as they prepare for their departure.

Exercises in Norwegian attempts to allow individual objects and portraits to express an interpreted experience of places and meetings with the individual participants.

Hilde Honerud graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, and Napier University in Edinburgh. She has held several exhibitions. She has has previously worked on a project with children in Palestine based on the perceptions of a child in a country constantly engaged conflict and unrest. Her work typically emphasizes spending enough time to come close the perceived and real. She also has several ongoing projects in the ToftHonerud collaboration, including behind Debris Fanzine.

Jon Hovland holds a PhD in sociology; his research field includes organizations, power and motivation. He divides his time between the University College of Southeast Norway, where he is professor of innovation and leadership, and Red Tape Crossing AS where he is engaged as a researcher.

Exercises in Norwegian is supported by the Visual Artists Remunimeration Project Award Fund, NoFoFo and Buskerud County.

livinincolorwebSabina Jacobsson l Kristin Nordhøy l Tammo Rist


25.2 to 13.3 2016

Opening Thursday 25 February
19.00 to 22.00
Address Maridalsveien 3.
Main entrance
Open Fri - Sun 1pm to 5 pm

What is the world showing us ?

Tenthaus Oslo invites you to Living in Colour where the overaching theme of painting is explored by three artists. They have have made new works based in which the common denominator is opical illusion and colour´s relationship to the real. Rather than offer us a representation of the world, they draw us into the very essence of light with their almost phenomenological approach, leaving us to consider an interpretation of the world of our own visual experience.

In Living in Colour, the artists investigate our relationship to our surroundings, through their understanding of the concrete world surrounding us, as well a human behaviour.

Sabina Jacobsson´s
The Collectors is a short film based on four David Hockney paintings from the period 1965-1972. Jacobsson´s oeuvre investigates cultural appropriations and social structures in the confines of social institutions. Through film, photography and installtion she reveal the roles, status positions, as well as the relationships between groups and individuals as fundamental to regulating patterns of social behavior. Her narratives illuminate cultural solidarity with a political awareness. The Collectors is funded by the Council for Culture, Norway, the Norwegian Photographic Fund, the Norwegian Fund for Visual Artists

Kristin Nordhøy´s work Side Vision presents us with a play on reality; elements are copied, repeated, moved or displaced. She manipulates our perception by disturbing the eye´s attempt to focus. The strictly geometrical paintings are, on closer inspection, rich with traces of a manual process; the structure of the linen canvas and the outlines of the hand-painted color initiate a dialogue with the ethereal quality of the optical distortion that arises from the paintings. Overlapping wave patterns create an effect that seems moving and liquid: a moiré.

Tammo Rist RAYS / Spot Off - photography series mounted on lightboxes. The artist has allowed light directly into the camera; these pictures are taken without a lens and with analog, as well as digital cameras. The photographs that arise draw attention to elementary photographic principles, where light and color take center stage. The shapes that form are incidental and unencumbered from any kind of narrative or story.


Sabina Jacobsson graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim Norway 2000. She has had screenings both in Norway and abroad. She also works with video design for dance and theatre performances and she is a lecturer at various art schools in Oslo. Jacobsson received Guaranteed Income for Artists from the Norwegian Government in 2012.

Kristin Nordhøy (d.o.b. 1977) lives and works in Oslo. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and several solo exhibitions after completing her MA in Oslo in 2006. Her solo exhibitions include Holodeck (2012), Volt (2011), Tegnerforbundet (2010) and Lautom Contemporary (2007 and 2010). In 2013 she participated in group exhibitions Copy Paste Add Layer at Anger in Helsinki and at the SPACEGRIDS exhibition at Telemark Art Center.

Tammo Rist (d.o.b. 1976) graduated from the University of the Arts, Berlin (1998) and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2004. He has exhibited at international art events and spaces such as inter alia, the Venice Biennale, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kunsthalle Bonn, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY, the Biennale for Young Art, Turin, the National Annual Autumn exhibition in Oslo and the Norwegian Drawing Biennial. He is the initiator of the First Transnational Republic project.

too much balls10Opening reception Friday 9th October 7 - 9 pm

10.8 - 25.10 2015

Open Friday / Saturday / Sunday 1 - 5 pm

Per Jonas Lindström´s exhibition Too Much Balls is based on a series of over twenty new paintings in various formats that are installed along with three sculptures. The common denominator for the installations are two of Lindströms own artists books.

Artist Books are central to Lindström's art practice. Simply put, they are made with the extreme intensity of the crazed. They are bursting with whatever occurs the the artist - often scraps of drawings or children's books, processed with color and crayon. They become complex collages that fill the books from the first to last page. The artist has taken two books and translated their contents on to canvas - unabridged, fearless, relentless.

Architectural models are the second reference in the installations. They are devotedly made with the same high intensity, relating freely to space, time and texture.

Tenthaus Oslo is exhibiting these new objects as if they have outgrown their original scale and transformed into something other, perhaps collection points or meeting places for the mind's tireless journey through the universe.

Tenthaus Oslo is proud to present Per Jonas Lindström´s complex multidimensional universe in Oslo for the first time in many years.

Per Jonas Lindström (1955) is a visual artist, resident in Oslo and Tistedal. During his long artistic career, he has distinguished himself through exhibitions and art projects in Norway, as well as abroad. For over 25 years he made both unique artist books, as well as limited editions. He has given workshops and taught at preschools, colleges and for programs with his veritable book factory. It is and understatement to say that PJL has educated and inspired many artists in the art of creating artist books.