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Moment of Trust 

30.10 - 4.11 2018
CLUB SOLO, kloosterlaan 138, Bred, Holland

Moment of Trust

Tenthaus Oslo invites visual artists in the Breda area to a Moment of Trust

Are you a visual artist?

Are you interested in being part of an art project by Tenthaus Artist Collective at Club Solo?

Can you leave your art for a few days?

If you answer yes to these questions, you are invited to send documentation of your work to participate in the artwork Moment of Trust by Tenthaus Oslo at Club Solo. Here Tenthaus will create a situation where you can meet young adults interested in finding out more about your art.

You don´t have to bring a completed work but a work that shows that you are working towards something. It can be a small object, a sketch, a model, a work that is a prototype or just something you never thought you would show but now have the opportunity. Perhaps you are stuck in your process and need a kick start. 3 dimensional works are preferred.

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Masking Migratory, Alexander Slotten retouched by Futurefarmers

Masking Migratory

Alexander Slotten + Futurefarmers 

September 10-13, 2018

Tenthaus Oslo

Open house: September 12, 2018   17h-19h (say hello, or lend a hand)

Open days: September 11- 13 12h -19h (Drop by, paint, paste or dance)

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Om planter, avtrykk, avkok, fornye, resirkulere, om tiden, om kvinner, vold og økonomisk selvstendighet, om FNs bærekraftige mål for 2030 og en verden uten vold mot kvinner.

Velkommen til fargeverksted for alle.

Fredag 21/9, kl 18 - 21
Lørdag 22/9, kl 11 - 14

Har du en T-skjorte eller trøye i bomull/silke som du gjerne vil fornye? Ta den med, eller bare kom for å se, gjøre, lære, samtale og dele.

Kursavgift: 600,- inkluderer alt materiale og en t-skjorte

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An art work in process by Gabo Camnitzer in collaboration with Mehdi Torkaman  and 5 young participants based in Oslo. For two weeks the group have met and investigated the notion of camouflage through dialogue with the things that surrounds us. The result of this process will be presented at Tenthaus in October. 

Ph: Ebba Moi